Sunday, February 3, 2008

Volcanoes : Mt. Mangere (15.84km)

A sunny afternoon, big hill climb up the mountain and wall around the 13km mark.

Time was 1:27:32 (slow pace of 5:31 min/km).

Hit a bit of a wall around 12km mark and everything slowed down. Hadn't had much to eat the day before so perhaps that was it. Crap.

Here is a photo from one of the trig points looking back the way I had come - along the The Old Managere Bridge to the left.
Lots of people fishing from the bridge. The mountain itself has only a rough track up to two different trig points. Its a bit rough and the footing unstable so took care up there.

Next week will see me start on a proper training program for the Run Auckland Series.

Here is the route: