Saturday, January 26, 2008

Start the day with a fast 5km?

Well more like a tempo run of 5.41km in 23:02. (4:15 min/km)

Reward was a banana when I got back :)

Run Auckland 2008

Yesterday I entered the Run Auckland series for 2008.

The early bird rate is $75 NZ for five 10km races and entry into the North Shore City Half Marathon.

Something to train for.

Race 1: 30th March 2008
Waiatarua Reserve, Grand Drive, Remuera

Race 2: 20th April 2008
Te Atatu Peninsula, Te Atatu

Race 3: 11th May 2008
Eastern Beach, The Esplanade, Pakuranga

Race 4: 25th May 2008
Milford Reserve, Craig Road, Milford

Race 5: 22nd June 2008
Western Springs Park, Stadium Road, Western Springs

Race 6: 13th July 2008
Takapuna Beach, The Strand, Takapuna

My sister T is doing these as well but choosing 5km for the first 3 and 10km for the last 3.

Should be good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Running Goals and Races

- Run Auckland Series . March through July. Five 10km races on different courses, 6th race is a half marathon

- Auckland Marathon. 2 November 2008. Either the half or the full. I'm leaning towards the full. It's a number of months away so enough time to build up to this. We'll see though.

In terms of times you have to have put a mark in the sand, so here goes:

5km - 22:00
10km - 45:00
half - 1:45:00
marathon - 3:50:00

The only gauge I have as a starting point is my 1/4 time of 46:14 last year. Lets see if at the end of the year these are achieved. :)

Also would like to drop 2-3 kgs in the course of training.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Volcanoes : The Domain - There and Back Again (17.25km)

Technically a volcano but not much of a climb (that came later!). Time of 1:27:01 (5:01min/km). Interesting it seems my "long-run" times are currently hovering around the 5min/km pace. Not that I could maintain that pace for say a marathon but certainly a training base for a half. At that pace a half marathon time would be a little over 1:45.

Mentally I had split this run into 4 stages:

1. Suburban/Urban from my start point in Royal Oak through the suburbs of Epsom and Newmarket to the start of domain drive. (to 5.5km)

Aside from a gradual climb at the start it was all pretty flat. Newmarket was quiet at this time of the morning. (7:00a.m.)

2. The domain itself running a loop round the cone. (to 8.7km)

A few people running and ecercising - good time for it still quite cool. The loop around volcano was pleasant enough.

3. Through backstreets of Newmarket, Remura West, and Epsom (to 13km)

Big steep downhill at Ayr Street which of course meant a correspondingly uphill round the corner through to Remura Road. This compensated for missing out on a climbing a hill.

Calves starting to get a bit sore at this point. This is likely me still getting used to distances approaching the 1/2 marathon.

4. Through Cornwell Park, One Tree Hill back to the start. (to 17.25km)

Bit of a second wind in this stage. A few joggers coming the other way down Puriri Drive.

Here is an aerial photo I pinched off the 'net.

Next Saturday will see a proper volcano in the form of Mt. Mangere. This will also feature some ocean views and a bridge crossing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Volcanoes : Mt. Albert (13.3km)

As Mr. Ramsey might say: "Mt Albert Hill Run, served with sweat and intestinal fortitude - DONE".

Pace was relaxed at 5.01 min/km and a hot day to go running. Running in the early morning "feels" easier.

The actual summit climb involved a steep climb up "summit road" and then in the park itself a more gradual climb around the perimeter of the volcano to the trig point. Interesting there is an archery range and soccer pitch hidden on the hill.

Here is the view from the trig point:

Here is the route:

Next week will see a visit to the Auckland domain...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Volcanoes : Mt. Roskill (9.04km)

A "tempo" run through Royal Oak, Three Kings, and Mt. Roskill.

Time of 39:59 (4:25 min/km).

The climb up the hill was OK. A sealed road all the way up (quite steep near the top) with a good view as a reward. That's Mt. Eden to the right in the distance.

Here is the route for yesterday's run: