Sunday, January 13, 2008

Volcanoes : Mt. Albert (13.3km)

As Mr. Ramsey might say: "Mt Albert Hill Run, served with sweat and intestinal fortitude - DONE".

Pace was relaxed at 5.01 min/km and a hot day to go running. Running in the early morning "feels" easier.

The actual summit climb involved a steep climb up "summit road" and then in the park itself a more gradual climb around the perimeter of the volcano to the trig point. Interesting there is an archery range and soccer pitch hidden on the hill.

Here is the view from the trig point:

Here is the route:

Next week will see a visit to the Auckland domain...


Ann said...

Good luck to you. 34 is far too young to hit mid life crisis. Just keep running, you will get over it.

5 years ago, I was this middle aged turning 50 year old woman. One day, I challenged myself in a 3.8k university President's . I had not run since my early 20s. After that, me and another girl friend 44, we trainned for the 10 K's marathon.

It was in humid Singapore, but we did it in 3 months. We were two university wives, and the young uni kids were wondering why this two "Aunties " were doing in their turf at the running oval and in the hilly campus.

Came early Dec, we ran with the Marathon greats from Kenya. and we both did it.

It was the best i have done, and am still very proud of it.

You just keep on running. When you see me in Mt Albter, come and say HI.


P/s I just did a post on Mt Albert.

Ann said...

did a post specially for you after I visited your site.