Sunday, January 20, 2008

Volcanoes : The Domain - There and Back Again (17.25km)

Technically a volcano but not much of a climb (that came later!). Time of 1:27:01 (5:01min/km). Interesting it seems my "long-run" times are currently hovering around the 5min/km pace. Not that I could maintain that pace for say a marathon but certainly a training base for a half. At that pace a half marathon time would be a little over 1:45.

Mentally I had split this run into 4 stages:

1. Suburban/Urban from my start point in Royal Oak through the suburbs of Epsom and Newmarket to the start of domain drive. (to 5.5km)

Aside from a gradual climb at the start it was all pretty flat. Newmarket was quiet at this time of the morning. (7:00a.m.)

2. The domain itself running a loop round the cone. (to 8.7km)

A few people running and ecercising - good time for it still quite cool. The loop around volcano was pleasant enough.

3. Through backstreets of Newmarket, Remura West, and Epsom (to 13km)

Big steep downhill at Ayr Street which of course meant a correspondingly uphill round the corner through to Remura Road. This compensated for missing out on a climbing a hill.

Calves starting to get a bit sore at this point. This is likely me still getting used to distances approaching the 1/2 marathon.

4. Through Cornwell Park, One Tree Hill back to the start. (to 17.25km)

Bit of a second wind in this stage. A few joggers coming the other way down Puriri Drive.

Here is an aerial photo I pinched off the 'net.

Next Saturday will see a proper volcano in the form of Mt. Mangere. This will also feature some ocean views and a bridge crossing.

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