Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've been trying out DailyMile to track my training. I prefer it to MapMyRun less intrusive in terms of adverts and easier to use. It's a little like facebook for excercise.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mixed Bag

A bit mixed this week:

- On a course of antibiotics for a skin infection. I get some eczema under my forearms periodically which has been giving some grief lately. It's not much fun to be honest.
- On the positive while getting that checked out got my blood pressure taken. Happy to say it is now 120/80 which is much better than the last time I got checked 3 years ago when it was 140/80. I put that down to running and weight loss.
- The rear hub on my bike went the day before yesterday only after 2 months use. Its back in the shop now. Not a happy camper about that.
- My weight today is 84.3kg. I'm happy with anything under 85 at the moment but would like it down at 80.
- Corporate triathlon is 3 weeks away. The course is short but its a worry. I'm packing my togs and goggles today and am swimming after work. Nerves are pushing me into action. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Angry Face

Round the Bays was manic with all those people. The army started the event with a howitzer which was different.

I chatted to a few people along the way mainly in the first part during the congestion and ended up with a 39:55 for the 8.4km course.

The main thing was ended up first to the work tent and BBQ which was the main thing to ensure suitable bragging rights at the office. A beer and a sausage and bread not normally what I have post run but makes for a tasty change.

Andrew I've never thought of it but yeah I probably do have my angry face on when running hard. My training runs are more fun. I ended up catching a bus back to town and the traffic did make me angry. It would have been quicker to jog back!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Race Time

First race of the year this morning. Round the Bays is one of the biggest fun runs in the world with an estimated 50,000 competitors and 20,000 bandits. Not very long at 8.4km. The course itself is along the Auckland water front and takes in the second part of the Auckland marathon course. All those people around I'll be dodging people like a mad thing.

Work have entered a team, paid my $15 entry fee, and provided a running top. The corporate colours are purple - its very 1980s. We are also getting a BBQ at the end - it should be good.

I was a bit worried about the run earlier in the week as my right ankle has been feeling a bit sore for no apparent reason. However a 5.5km yesterday went OK so we should be good to go.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Morning Run

Bircher Muesli, Fruit Salad and Yoghurt followed an hour later by a more pacy 7.95km / 37:52 / 4:46min/km at around 8:30am. Started off a little stiff and lethargic from yesterday but soon got into a good rhythm. Hot and sweaty at the end.

Great stuff, all you need for a good start to the morning.

My cycle home from work is a different route from the way in, this is largely to avoid main roads during rush hour but also it serves to give me some variety.

Secret Auckland

One thing about running, or cycling, in the city is you start to learn the secret short-cuts, access ways, and quiet streets to get from A to B. Something that you don't experience driving a car.

Recently on a training run I "discovered" the walkway from the strand in Parnell, Auckland up to Augustus Terrace. A great little shortcut which bypasses a busy section of road. Need to watch out for the tree though.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hard Work

Made it hard for myself for the group run today with the Kingsland Martial Arts guys today. I thought it would be "good" idea to cycle to the office, park my bike in the secure lockup, jog over to the start area (in Westhaven), do the group run and cycle home again. Of course I ended up running late...

1. Cycle 8.9km to the office cyclepark.
2. Run at 4:57min/km pace from Carlaw Park to the Curran Street motorway onramp (5.7km - longer than I thought it was). Just got there in time as the other guys were arriving.
3. Group run of 8.54km at 5:25min/km pace. Thankfully one of the guys on the run is on the slower side.
4. Slow jog back to the bike, legs a bit tight so stretching and some walking.
5. Bike home 7.4km.

It was all a bit harder than it should have been. More work required getting my fitness back to where it was during my marathon training last year.

Round the Bays fun run next weekend, I've never done this before so it should be great fun. Corporate tri in just over 5 weeks - really need to get some swimming in before that.

Yesterday at work we all got invited to the Nestle wellness expo (Nestle are in the same building, but a floor above us). This was quite good with blood testing, fitness booths, and a neat goodie bag. Got my blood pressure tested and finding it was 130/80 still a little on the high side but down since the last time it was tested.

I even bumped into an old friend who is now running a personal training business. He made a comment about how I've lost weight since the last time I saw him - must have been the running...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Colour Experiment

Same course as yesterday but a different running top.

A full 1 min 20s slower. Either red is quicker or not used getting back to mid week running. Next run will go for early morning for a change, haven't done that for a while.

Conditions were not as hot as yesterday and there was some breeze.

Me in my 2007 Auckland Quarter Marathon top. First running race I entered and basically just ran flat out and struggled at the end. That strategy worked (placed in top 10% of my category) but was lucky not to injure myself...

Yep Andrew have noticed the typo on the back of the 2009 edition. Wonder if someone got in trouble for it ;)

Also a while back I went to the go by bike breakfast that the Auckland City Council put on the 15th Feb. This was quite good with free muesli and espresso.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domain Lunchtime Run

Out for a run at lunchtime today, along the forest walks and two loops of the Sri Chimnoy Peace mile. 35mins at approx 5min/km pace.

Still fairly hot but it is cooling down a little in Auckland now we are heading into March.

On the way back to work. The forest part of this run was nice and cool.

Sporting a 2009 Auckland Marathon top. I still keep thinking I have more hair until I see photos of myself...

Overall a good run to break up the day. Felt great to get in a mid week run.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Secret Moves

Showing some off at the Auckland Lantern Festival on Sunday.

Was a few hundred people watching this at the time :o