Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hard Work

Made it hard for myself for the group run today with the Kingsland Martial Arts guys today. I thought it would be "good" idea to cycle to the office, park my bike in the secure lockup, jog over to the start area (in Westhaven), do the group run and cycle home again. Of course I ended up running late...

1. Cycle 8.9km to the office cyclepark.
2. Run at 4:57min/km pace from Carlaw Park to the Curran Street motorway onramp (5.7km - longer than I thought it was). Just got there in time as the other guys were arriving.
3. Group run of 8.54km at 5:25min/km pace. Thankfully one of the guys on the run is on the slower side.
4. Slow jog back to the bike, legs a bit tight so stretching and some walking.
5. Bike home 7.4km.

It was all a bit harder than it should have been. More work required getting my fitness back to where it was during my marathon training last year.

Round the Bays fun run next weekend, I've never done this before so it should be great fun. Corporate tri in just over 5 weeks - really need to get some swimming in before that.

Yesterday at work we all got invited to the Nestle wellness expo (Nestle are in the same building, but a floor above us). This was quite good with blood testing, fitness booths, and a neat goodie bag. Got my blood pressure tested and finding it was 130/80 still a little on the high side but down since the last time it was tested.

I even bumped into an old friend who is now running a personal training business. He made a comment about how I've lost weight since the last time I saw him - must have been the running...


Andrew(ajh) said...

The Wellness Expo sounds like a good idea - more companies should do stuff like that.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Different route home on the bike? Km don't match.

The Wellness expo sounds like a great idea.