Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domain Lunchtime Run

Out for a run at lunchtime today, along the forest walks and two loops of the Sri Chimnoy Peace mile. 35mins at approx 5min/km pace.

Still fairly hot but it is cooling down a little in Auckland now we are heading into March.

On the way back to work. The forest part of this run was nice and cool.

Sporting a 2009 Auckland Marathon top. I still keep thinking I have more hair until I see photos of myself...

Overall a good run to break up the day. Felt great to get in a mid week run.


Andrew(ajh) said...

That looks like a beautiful little bit of running track! I always get jealous when I see Andrew and your running shots - such a beautiful place! My wife is currently planning an NZ holiday for us, so I might get to see some of it myself later in the year!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Have you noticed the typo on the back of the shirt?

Mike said...

I have the same problem with hair perception! :)lol