Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Next Level

Been upping the training this week and plan to continue next week before my next 10km (Race 3 of Run Auckland).

That and I need to start building up to the half marathon distance for Race 6. This is about 10 weeks away!

A 7.5km "tempo" on Friday (ANZAC day)
A 8.5km on Saturday with some hills.

Taking it to the next level.

Saturday's run was quite interesting. Part of it took in Burnley Terrace. This has plenty of old Edwardian style villas and there are restrictions in place about renovations and the style of housing.

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I have recently moved to Mt. Eden and the history of the area is quite fascinating. This site has some great photos. 120 years ago I'd be dodging horses on my training run...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Run Auckland Race 2

Pretty cold for the run this morning - but it was an improved result from Race 1.

49:07 placing 29th out of 81 for my group (30-39 Men).

It was quite a nice course in terms of scenery. Click here for a course map:

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The atmosphere was good too lots of people getting out and giving it a go.

Quite a lot of congestion at the start and a couple of the foot bridges. Might try and start a bit closer to the front for the next one. That and run faster of course.

Unfortunately the marshaling and course layout was woeful. Some of the 5km runners even headed up the wrong way part way along the course. Hopefully the next race in just over 2 weeks time is a little better.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Run Auckland Race 1

2 laps of this course. Quite hilly especially in the second half.

Time of 53:32 which was a bit average. It is close to 10.5km so pace was a touch over 5min/km.
Although having just moved house the Friday before the race (which was on Sunday) and training was a bit lacking.

Placed 112th out of 569 entries in the 10km.

Next race is in a couple of days time. The course is quite a bit flatter and I've done some hill lets see. Bring it :)