Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mixed Bag

A bit mixed this week:

- On a course of antibiotics for a skin infection. I get some eczema under my forearms periodically which has been giving some grief lately. It's not much fun to be honest.
- On the positive while getting that checked out got my blood pressure taken. Happy to say it is now 120/80 which is much better than the last time I got checked 3 years ago when it was 140/80. I put that down to running and weight loss.
- The rear hub on my bike went the day before yesterday only after 2 months use. Its back in the shop now. Not a happy camper about that.
- My weight today is 84.3kg. I'm happy with anything under 85 at the moment but would like it down at 80.
- Corporate triathlon is 3 weeks away. The course is short but its a worry. I'm packing my togs and goggles today and am swimming after work. Nerves are pushing me into action. :)


Mike said...

'Nerves are pushing me into action' ... always a good motivator! :) Good luck with the tri

Andrew(ajh) said...

I can sympathise because I have a little spot of psoriasis at the moment. Hope it clears up soon (yours and mine!).

仲亨 said...