Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Running Goals and Races

- Run Auckland Series . March through July. Five 10km races on different courses, 6th race is a half marathon

- Auckland Marathon. 2 November 2008. Either the half or the full. I'm leaning towards the full. It's a number of months away so enough time to build up to this. We'll see though.

In terms of times you have to have put a mark in the sand, so here goes:

5km - 22:00
10km - 45:00
half - 1:45:00
marathon - 3:50:00

The only gauge I have as a starting point is my 1/4 time of 46:14 last year. Lets see if at the end of the year these are achieved. :)

Also would like to drop 2-3 kgs in the course of training.

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