Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dance Card

It seems like people want to go running with me at lunchtime. Most of the time I go running alone so this makes a good change.

Last week a run through Parnell with Ray. Ray is from another department at work (we were in the same "team" for the corporate tri). That was a relatively easy pace on an undulating course.

Yesterday the Frenchman and I did a relatively quick out and back along the waterfront (flat). He is a sharp 10km runner and I sweated a bit to keep up - we on about 4:40 pace. Good for me being pushed along. A little embarrassing considering he is 50 but offset that he has been running since he was a kid. I put it down to those 15 years of additional conditioning!

Today my friend J wants to head out as his company has just moved into the area. Should be good.

My dance card of midweek runs is full this week. :)

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