Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I did the 1 mile (~1.6km) race challenge on dailymile called outrun the horde:

This morning I mapped out a local course along my road and into the next, quietly wishing it was flat rather than undulating.

Warm-up go was 7:29 (4:32 min/km).

Took a deep breath, opened the taps, and put my foot down.

5:57 for a 3:42min/km pace.

Tough! Really breathing hard at the end and very clearly not used to that pace/effort. Still gives me hope to build up to a sub 20 5km run one day.

Running fast(ish) does make you feel alive - and safe from zombies!


Kate said...

Nice work- sub 6 is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a seriously impressive time. Makes me want to go out and find a flat mile and see what I can do!

Andrew is getting fit said...


Aaron said...

Gutted my friend J did it in 5:49! I had bragging rights but only briefly. Might try this again in a month or so.

Anonymous said...