Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just Don't Stop...

I was never very good at running at school - finding it hard work and getting out of breath. Mind you being a bit on the overweight side didn't help.

Fast forward to June this year and the general interest in the 2007 Auckland Marathon event which was going to be held in October. This thing is pretty big a lot of people enter just for the opportunity to run over the Auckland harbour bridge. It is the only time in the year that you can cross the bridge on foot.

I figured why not enter, say the half or the quarter, and see how I go.

That an Irish work colleague entered it the year before and reckoned he did it after no training and a night on the town. Not sure if he carried a pig under his arm but it sounded good :)

It would be a challenge and help shed a few extra kilos. I mentioned this goal on a web forum and got the following advice from a friend who is very much in shape.

"Try running for an hour, it doesn't matter how fast you go, but just don't stop..."

I figured that doesn't sound too hard...

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