Thursday, October 1, 2009

Twice in Taupo

Just got back from Taupo from a work trip. Was down Tuesday/Wednesday and got in two runs.

Thanks to daylight savings Tuesdays run was a nice afterwork run along the lake waterfront. It had been pouring down with rain a few hours before so was good that it largely held off for me. 7.77km / 39:28 / 5:05min/km.

Couple of photos.

Path along Lake Taupo.

Unintended artistic photography due to the light :)

In the morning I went for a 6am run with work colleague N. This involved a 3km out to a small hill, a set of 5 "hill repeats" which involve a reasonable effort (70-80%) for each one and jogging back down. N has done a number of halfs and marathons and reckons this is good for running strength. Was a bit different, variety is good after all.

Didn't time this run but it was probably 7km all up including the 3km back to the start.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Hill repeats don't sound like fun!