Monday, September 28, 2009

Absolutely Stuffed

Stuffed after my long run yesterday! Was intending to leave early but didn't get my act together until about 3pm. I did finish it but was starting to feel fatigue on the return leg. The effect of yesterday's 16km on the return leg?

31.72km / 2:46:39 / 5:15min/km.

The plan did say to pick up the pace a little on this second long run (~60s per mile slower which equals 38s/km). I pushed too much in the easy first half (1:21:23 split) before starting to fade on the return. Marathon day I'm going to need to need some self control and start off easy.

Still I'm happy of getting through a big chunk of weekend running. Feel a bit stuffed - thankfully this week is a step back week with reduced distance.

At the turnaround point stopped for a couple of obligatory photos.

End of the line. Rather the end of Tamaki Drive and close to the turn-around point for the homeward stretch on the marathon course.

The best thing about where the turnaround point is the view of the city (and therefore the end of the course) is in front of you. You can just see the sky tower beckoning...

The hardest part of the run? Coping an elbow in the ribs from the wife after falling asleep on the couch in the evening ;)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Good on her!

Kate said...

Haha- I think that's the WORST thing about the course! I hate running back to the sky tower- it's so near, yet sooooo far!

Good work on the run!

Andrew(ajh) said...

LOL at the last sentence! I thought falling asleep on the couch was something only us old codgers did!