Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not a great long run

Did a long run on Sunday morning and overall it was less than ace. I should quantify though the first half was pretty good. Ran through Mt Eden to the Strand and out to the bottom of Cliff Road in St Heliers. This is just past the turn-around point at the back-end of the actual marathon course. Bumped into Andrew at around Kohi and said hi. He was just finishing his run and had got the timing right as it was starting to heat up.

Got to the turn-around point, 15.87k, in 1:23 and change. Too quick it seems reflecting on what happened on the second half.

Second half was still ok till around 27km and then I just ran out of steam suprisingly quickly. Felt like no energy at all(!) and ended up alternatively walk and very slow jogging the last 4 or so km. If that was the wall I don't want to go anywhere near it again, a bit scary really.

I think I did ended up doing whole thing in around 3 hours.

Since training is all about learning something here are some things I am going to remember.

- first time I've tackled something over 30km, its a different kettle of fish
- make sure I'm adequately fueled up to handle the long run
- start earlier than 8:30am to limit dehydration
- water alone just doesn't cut it over 21km
- improve the mental game

On the positive side the weather was glorious and lots of runners around along the waterfront. Quite a nice atmosphere almost like a race.

The other "positive" is I'm trying to shake a spring cold, running without one should be easier.

This Sunday I'm going to tackle this course again but will be starting earlier. We'll see whose boss this time. It's a bit like a Rocky sequel ;)

Today, though, I'm doing a "short" 8km home. Nice day for it.


Kate said...

What are you drinking and eating? It is starting to get hot out now! Hard to adapt :)

It sounds like you've got through that one horrid run you need in order to feel marathon-ready. Congratulations!

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Hey Kate - I'd rather be horrid in training than on the day thats for sure!
On the run itself just some water from the fountains along the waterfront. Before the run couple of pieces of toast - one with p/butter, one with jam. Can't remember what was for dinner the night before. I think I'll start recording food/drink and log that with my runs...

Andrew is getting fit said...

I've found that the day before a long (25km+) I have to have a lot of fuel otherwise I just run out of gas as well.

Running is funny that way...you can be going along great and then bang - it becomes very hard very fast.

Bruce said...

All good learnings to take on board, better to find out what doesn't work now than on race day.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Sounds like you have most of the answers already, but eating and drinking well, before and during are critical. It was kms 38-42 that I found hard!

Mike said...

Good Luck on Sunday! Go show that course who's boss! Is it worth stashing a bottle somewhere on the run in bushes?