Sunday, December 23, 2007

Volcanoes: One Tree Hill, Mt. Eden (20.5km)

Yesterday saw me do 20.5 km in 1:48:21 (5:16 min/km). Went at a slowish pace because this distance was new territory for me and the hill climbs were a bit fierce. In hindsight I think this distance was a bit much considering my previous "long run" was pitched at the 13km mark.

The run included summit climbs of both One Tree Hill (steepish):

and Mt. Eden (not so steep but a longer climb). Great view of downtown Auckland btw:

Towards the end my calves were getting quite tight, after the 10km mark, and a little dehydrated near the end. Guess I'm just not used to the distance (yet).

Before the run I was interested to see how my knees would handle it - wasn't too bad at all. I think the new shoes are doing the trick but perhaps still recovering a little from running in the old ones.

Total distance this week ending 22 Dec 07 = 34.74km.

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