Saturday, December 29, 2007

Volcanoes: The Hit List

After recent hill runs up three small Auckland volcanoes (e.g. Mt. Eden, One Tree Hill, Big King) I thought it might be interesting to knock a few more of the bastards off - perhaps one a week. Having lived in Auckland most by life I hadn't actually climbed to the top of most of these.

In some ways this is inspired by the Auckland City Volcanoes Challenge . This might be a fun thing to enter in 2008 if it is around the same time.

Anyway here is a hit list of volcanoes:

One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie)
- 23 December 2007
Mt Eden (Maungawhau) - 23 December 2007
Three Kings - Big King Reserve (Te Tatua a Riukiuta) - 28 December 2007

* Mt Hobson (Remuwera)
* Mt St John (Titikopuke or Ohinerau)
* Mt Roskill (Puketapapa)
* Mt Albert (Owairaka)
* Mt Smart (Rarotonga)
* Mt Wellington (Maungarei)
* Auckland Domain (Pukekaroa)

This one is not on the volcano challenge (it is on the other side of the harbour and accessible by bridge). I'm still going to climb it though...
* Mt Mangere

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