Tuesday, May 20, 2008

der lange Lauf

That would be "the long run" in German.

As part of Run Auckland have a half marathon scheduled in Run Auckland Race 6 which is coming up quick in around 7 weeks time (13 July). I went laufen (to run) on Saturday past after reading this was the key to getting prepared for a longer than normal event.

The route headed through Epsom, Royal Oak and up into One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park. There was a hill climb in there somewhere. Really nice day and quite a lot of people running up the hill.

It was good to get back to run around One Tree Hill having run here when I initially took up jogging last year before shifting to Mt. Eden. The track along Twin Oak Drive is a great place to run - really getting back to nature.

The run itself was around 82 minutes / 16.4km. Going to initially keep the long runs at a slow pace until I hit the half distance of 21.1 km. Next run will aim for around 18-19km. Then gradually work on speed. Not much of a scientific plan but seems reasonable to me.

This Sunday is Run Auckland 4 so the next long run will be the weekend after.

Down to Whakatane today and will be taking my gear. Going to try and take in that river side run this time...

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