Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running in the Dark

I headed out the door at 5.45am this morning for run around the block - well the block bordered by Dominion, Mt. Albert, Mt. Eden, and Balmoral roads and reasonably well lit.

I have worked out this is about the only time I can get some proper training in. When I get home from work my wife and son don't really appreciate me heading out again.

It was pretty cold but conditions were good quite clear. Don't get too hot and sweaty in the morning which is a plus.

Was thinking part way through that at this time of morning the footpaths should be pretty much deserted but I counted six other nutters out running in the dark.

Anyway the route I took is:

35:25 which is around 4:45 min/km. My "normal" training pace times are coming down a bit from around 5min/km - fitness getting better I guess which is encouraging.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

The nutters are out in force out my way too.