Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Location in Whakatane

Recently I have been down in the Eastern Bay of Plenty region with my work for a power company commissioning a geothermal station in Kawerau. I have been flying down on a Tuesday morning and coming back on Thursday and overnighting in Whakatane. Needless to say commissioning is a busy time.

While work is busy this week I took my running gear along in the hope of sneaking in a run. I managed a 6km loop at dusk one day through the town and took in a short section along the picturesque river. Somewhere around 4:45min/km pace but wasn't really counting - just a nice run to switch off.

I have since found out there is a track actually along the river which I will be trying out next week.

Whakatane itself is pretty for a small town and the restaurants have some great seafood dishes. There has to be some perks for working away from home.

Next Sunday sees Run Auckland Race 4 at Milford on Auckland's north shore. There are some hills apparently but I'll be eating those for breakfast :)

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Andrew is getting fit said...

At least someone is looking forward to the hills!