Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Commute

Two weeks into my new job and it has been hectic. Certainly more pressure in the private sector but so far enjoying the challenge. Feel like I'm settled in now.

The new office, in Carlaw Commercial Park, has some good facilities for commuting-by-excercise. Showers, towels provided, and some secure bike facilities. So once I got a locker sorted out I tried a run commute - and it was good too. The scenic route is a mere 6.69km and is a good mix of suburban and park. Best part is the last 1.5 km through the domain and along Lover's Lane. Neat forest setting with a waterfall and stream. Around 32 minutes door to door at the moment but should get a little quicker once my fitness picks up again.

Good to get back running haven't done all that much since the marathon.

Plenty of scope to vary the route as well through Mt Eden Village, or over the hill itself.

Seeing the bike sheds at work has motivated me to get my bike repaired and serviced (at Adventure Cycles) and it's in the shop now. Long story but I trashed the rear dérailleur a few months ago with a stray pannier strap. Not a flash or fast bike by any stretch - it's a heavy hybrid - but should serve as a good cross training exercise. The bike commute will probably be slightly different route. Probably via Parnell as it is easier to get to work that way by road.


Andrew(ajh) said...

7kms is almost too short to ride :-) You'll have to add in a few loops somewhere I feel sometimes that my 14km commute is too short.

Kate said...

Sounds great- must be nice working away from town!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I find cycling in Auckland a bit of a hair raising experience.