Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Street Pony

Bike fixed in a day - derailer, tyre, chain, full service. Great service by Adventure Cycles.

As you can see this thing is built for commuting and not racing. Being an engineer I do like numbers so have a speedo on the thing. Average hovers around 22-24km/hr on the commute with full pannier bags. Pannier bags are great by the way - even for lugging a laptop around.

Still working out best routes to and and from work. Yesterday I did the climb up through the domain onto Park Road - hard work.

Cycling in Auckland is a bit hair raising but its a matter of picking the right routes. A suprising number of cycle lanes and paths, mix those with quiet streets and it's not so bad.

Commuting time to and from work is pretty quick now :)

Also it is pretty good working on the city fringe, I prefer it to Albert Street. Being right next to the domain is good too, I can see a few lunch time runs when time allows. Now cycle commuting need to mix in more stretching and fit in some running. Need to give this some thought...


Andrew(ajh) said...

Happy riding! And just think of the positive effect we're having on the planet staying out of our cars!

MD said...

OOh, that cycle through the Domain is tough! I loved Auckland for its hills until I became a commute cyclist and the end of each ride is up one big hill.
Keep your bike well locked up, mine was stolen from a bike rack last week on Symonds street :(

Andrew is getting fit said...

Will have to second MD's comment! Invest in a very good lock!