Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Summary

Time for a little round up of 2009. This was the year of the marathon and much of my training was geared towards that. So from a very high level I guess it was mission accomplished.

I had some goals at the start I was slack in tracking progress. New years resolution is to track this better. Some goals are quite easy to define (like running a marathon) but others need better metrics. Like km/week to run or cycle or home workouts to complete.

Here are some random ups and downs from the year.

- Highlight was training for and running the Auckland Marathon. Finished in 3:43:00. I'll be back next year!
- Did the Run Auckland series again this year. Best time for 10k of 42:57.
- Only one half marathon this year - North Shore City Half - 1:40:56 with tight calves.
- Started to run at odd times like 5am in the morning and during lunchtimes at work.
- Ran all over Auckland and some other places like Hamilton, Hong Kong, Taupo, Matarangi. The Taupo before work runs in winter were good if on the cold side.
- Picked up a couple of injuries. PF in the beginning of the year, and then a pulled calf in a 10km run. The lesson here was to slow down in training!!!
- Went through 3 pairs of shoes. The latest (New Balance 1223's) are the best.

Cross Training
Cross training in general was lets say sporadic.
- I did get back to cycle commuting in November coinciding with changing jobs. Clocked up about 450km so far including a couple of "big" weekend rides.
- I did get to the pool sporadically but no where near enough.
- Failed completing the hundredpushups program. Still trying though.
- My home workout program was effectively missing in action.

- Didn't do 3rd dan this year. This wasn't entirely all my fault but a lack of planning surely contributed.

- My weight is basically the same as it was last year. As of today my average weight is 85.6kg. This time last year it was 86.2kg. I want to get down around 80...

The spirit of the marathon movie is available on DVD. It would have been good to see it at the movies though.

I'm going to post a set of better goals for 2010 later today. Off to get my bike fixed now...


Mike said...

A good year's work ... especially the marathon! I'm going to steal your idea and do a review later ... and then look at goals for 2010.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Aaron, all up a great year for you. I've enjoyed following your blog this year, looking forward to a successful 2010 for you.

Andrew is getting fit said...

You've had a great year indeed. Keep it up!