Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fitness Goals for 2009

Somewhat belatedly here are my fitness goals for 2009.


- My main focus for 2009 is going to be a bit more consistent with excercise and that includes running. Last year it was all a bit inconsistent.

- Being injury free is also important. Unfortunately in saying think I am currently getting a little Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot I'm pretty sure this was from overuse in my old shoes (remember the knee niggles from last year). Will post more on this later.

- My main goal this year is the Auckland Marathon 2009 - this is on Sunday 1 November 2009. Haven't run this distance before so it'll be a big challenge. Almost 10 and half months away so enough time to work up enough base fitness.

- I've entered Run Auckland 2009. This is five 10km races as well as a half marathon. The first 10km starts on the 29 March 2009 with the final event being the North Shore City Half on 12 July 2009. Would like to beat my PB of 42:49 in the 10km and 1:35:13 in the half.

Cross Training

- I used to commute to work on my old job but my bike is currently sitting in a state of disrepair in the garage. Long story but I ended up munching the rear gears and chain with a pannier bag strap :( I need to get round to getting it fixed. It is a hybrid bike but it'll do 25km/hr on the flat (at least).

- Don't belong to a gym but do have some dumb-bells at home. Three home workouts a week planned (Mon/Wed/Fri). Another crack at the hundred pushups. I think the most I got to in 2008 was 52.

- At school I used to do lane swimming but nothing since. As I work at least 3 days a week in town about a block from the tepid baths that is an option as well. I think I'll try and get a couple of days a week in for that (lunchtime?)


- I teach hapkido at Kingsland Martial Arts. Hapkido is a korean martial art of self defence (think jujitsu with some kicking and punching). Sometime in 2009 I'd like to grade to 3rd degree black belt. There is quite a technical requirement there is quite a requirement for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This blog might have the odd training post.


- My weight has been fluctuating a bit over Christmas and New Years. According to physicsdiet the average is 86.2kg with a BMI of 24.5. I want to get that down to 80kg - was that 10 years ago look what married life does to you :) If I stick to my goals above I think the weight should take care of itself.

What post about goals would be complete without an inspirational video. I like this one from Adidas...


Andrew is getting fit said...

Sounds like a lot of fitness work. Go for it!

Vava said...

Funny. I too am suffering from plantar fasciitis in my right foot! Mine stems from the trial and error process in choosing the right running shoes. Obviously I fell in the "error" category, but have changed models since then and have been off of running for over a month waiting for this thing to heal. Good luck with your recovery and your 2009 goals!