Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stretching, Icing, and a 5km

I've been pretty stretching my foot - well both feet - and I think it is helping. This page has a good couple of excercises. There are a couple - one for the The plantar fascia tendon and another for the achilles tendon.

Went for a walk yesterday and no pain just a bit tender. Things looked good this morning (no pain getting when I woke up) and did my 5.5km flat course. Started off pretty slowly and while a bit sore initially on the foot strikes that soon faded.

5.51km / 24:34 / 4:27min/km.

Stretched well after the run and am now icing the foot as I type this - it's feeling OK. Going to keep up with the "self treatment" and see how it goes.

Swim day tomorrow. There is a 25m pool in Mt Eden that I want to try out. It is on the way to work as well so it could become my new local.

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