Thursday, January 1, 2009

The First Run of 2009

All the best for the new year everyone! It's raining today (2nd Jan) but I'm pleased to report got out for a run yesterday.

My first run of 2009 was at 8:30am - it was already getting quite warm at 20 deg C. A beautiful day to kick off the year.

Did a new 7km route which is an extended round the block - Peary Road, Mt Eden Road, View Road, Dominion Road. The first 3km was a gradual climb which had me sweating and working hard. Did the run in 30:38 (4:22min/km).

The rest of the day involved a family trip to the beach. Got more exercise fetching buckets of sea water for my 4 year old boy :). It was a good day out although I had left my togs at home.

Rest day from running today but will do a weights workout at home instead. My next post will be about setting some goals for 2009.


Andrew is getting fit said...

A beautiful day indeed. Going to do a bit of shopping and get out there myself this afternoon seeing as the rain has cleared.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Happy New Year Aaron !

Bruce said...

What is it about U2 at the moment? second blog in a row i've visted with a U2 clip featuring. No complaints - great band, great song. All the best for 09.