Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Swimming

80 lengths of free this afternoon - not all at once. Mostly sets of 10. Timed the second to last one 6:20. That's slow but I'm swiming slow on purpose! I feel myself getting used to swimming again. I think my speed will pick up some once the endurance builds.

Bit stuffed after the "big" run yesterday.

We made some (roasted) vegetable soup for dinner tonight. A healthy option that tasted great as well. Goes well with some Vogel's original grain toast.

Finally this morning I redid the 100 pushups challenge week 3/day 1, and did the two hundred situps week 1/day 3.

Mike in answer to your question - I'm 6'2" (or 188cm in the new language). Apparently that makes my "ideal" weight 79-80kg (and not 86-87kg where it's hovering right now).


SUB6 said...

same height as me ... although I usually claim an extra half inch cos I'm just over 6'2 but ....

My morning weight is about 85kg. I'm targeting 80kg so its good to see you confirming this is about right. Think it will make a bi difference with my running and biking.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Based on 6:20 for 10 laps, that puts you at about exactly the same pace as me, cos I usually do my 80 in about 50 minutes.