Friday, June 19, 2009

Beware of Low Flying Pohutekawas

Thursday morning was pretty cold in Auckland. Went out for the short variation of the waterfront loop (10.4km). It's funny how I'm starting to refer to a 10km distance as short.

The waterfront has a number of Pohutekewa trees with low lying branches. A Pohutekawa is sometimes referred to as a New Zealand Christmas tree - lots of red flowers in summer.

I didn't hit my head but came pretty close just ducking in time. Easy to do when "in the zone" or in my case looking out over the harbour. Being a short runner probably has its advantages.

Photo by semuthuthan.

This was a great run! The first 5.2 was done in 23:33, the overall time was 46:42 so a bit of a negative split. Pushed harder on the second half, blowing a little hard at the end but all good. Finally getting a bit more speed back.

This route is reasonably flat and a welcome relief from the hills on my last two runs.

10.4km / 46:42 / 4:29min/km

On the run I was listening to soundtracks from 80s martial arts movies. A bit tragic but (retro) songs about overcoming adversity to ultimately triumph fit quite well on a run.

This Sunday have Run Auckland 5 (10km) so no more running for me until then. I might try and get to the pool on the weekend though.

I have been watching my diet more this week with some positive results - weighed in at 85.0kg flat this morning. I think eating healthy along with training for the marathon (135 days and counting!) should help get down to that magic 79-80kg mark. It'd be good to look lean, but not too mean, for the photos... :)

The only negative this week is I can feel a head cold coming on.

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