Friday, June 5, 2009

A trifecta of runs

A trifecta of midweek runs this week. While my calf is behaving itself so didn't go crazy on the distance or speed and am continuing with building up to say 40km/week distance. Should be able to get there this week.

My current thinking is to have a good solid base before engaging on a marathon training proper. The key thing for me is going to be *endurance*. I know I can run a 10km comfortably, and manage the half distance but I have never gone further than that. The weekend long run is going to be part of this.

5 months out from Auckland. Started looking at a few plans that are 18 week but haven't decided anything yet.

Tuesday : 6.98km / 33:00 / 4:43 min/km

Left home at 5.45am. Quite cold so I ran with a sweater on. However 3km into it started to get hot and ended up tied around the waist. Saw a few other nutters about in the early hours. This route was a gradually gentle climb past Mt Eden Village, down View Road and a relatively flat section along Dominion. Easy(ish) pace

Morning at work I felt good but started to slump a bit in the afternoon. Could have gone for a nana nap but not appropriate in an open-plan office!

Wednesday : 6.90km / 32:32 / 4:43min/km

Wednesday had me set my alarm for 5 to get up early for a similar distance. However it was 2 degrees outside! I wimped out and decided on a hot cup of a tea instead. As penance I took my running gear in to work and tackled a similar distance route which takes in Jacob's ladder, Western Park, and Meyer's Park. A good sharp run with two sharp hills (one is stairs!) in the inner city. Legs were pretty heavy after each climb so good recovery training.

The sun was out and weather conditions were perfect. Interesting it was the same pace as Tuesday but the route is more challenging.

Running along the top end of Ponsonby Road, along Karangahape Road, and Mayoral Drive during lunchtime is something else. Lots of people about so it felt a bit like free-running. Keeps the mind active anyway picking the right 'line' to run.

Thursday : 10.4km / 48:12 / 4:38min/km

Yesterday morning did the flat route along the waterfront and back leaving the city at 7am. Cold but sun coming up while going along the coast was very nice. I might extend this route out gradually to make it to the St Heliers turnaround point and it'll be close to the second half of the Auckland marathon course.

Pace felt reasonably comfortable.

Tomorrow I'm not running but rather am going to go hit the pools after work. My distance "record" so far is 8 in one set so I will be trying to beat that.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Sigh, one day I might be able to run three days in a row again ... (sighs again)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Pfft! Wimping out at a mere 2 degrees. :)