Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap

This weekend was pretty good for excercise.

Saturday - Running : 7.53km / 35:20 / 4:41min/km. Local round the block course I do (Dominion Rd / Mt Albert Rd / Mt Eden Road / Balmoral Road) but in opposite direction.

Good pace and a reasonably hard effort. Legs felt good no complaints.

That brought up 41.5km for the week.

Rather than do too much too soon didn't do a long-run this weekend.

Sunday - Swimming: Working on swimming slowly and building up endurance. Turns out Sunday afternoon is a good time to get a lane to yourself.

Did the following sets of freestyle.

10/8/8/8/6/10/8/8/8/6 = 80 lengths of a 25m pool (2km)

2 lengths of breaststroke between each set and 30s rest. Pace was real slow (something like 4:20 for 200m) but that's cool - working on endurance. Pace will come later. Next time I'll try and push the sets out a bit further and start thinking about proper form as well as making it to the end without drowing. :)

A good workout and quite "relaxing" compared to running. Tired now but definitely a different tired.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Snap ... I did 80 x 25m today too!

Bruce said...

You find swimming relaxing compared to running?? I can sort of understand, I usually find that you can do quite a bit of thinking about stuff while swimming - don't you get bored though?

Aaron said...

Relaxing as there is less jarring with pounding the pavement - and running is more an effort. Maybe when I'm able to swim faster that'll change ;)

Yes I do get bored a bit but I'm finding letting my mind wander helps. That and doing maths in my head how many lengths to go for a rest :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

I do the maths while on the treadmill!