Friday, June 12, 2009

A tale of three runs (and one swim)

Quite a similar pattern to last week.

Tuesday Morning : 6.98km / 33:37 / 4:49min/km

Just up to View Road and back. Pretty average run really. It wasn't cold but there was a hazy drizzle. If I had to use a word for this run it would be "damp".

Tuesday Evening : Lane Swimming (approx 1km in total - slow)

Couple of slow sets of 16 lengths of free (400m). Longest sets ever. I had the pool to myself for the first 20 odd minutes then the pool got a bit busier. Did a collection of single lengths (maybe another 16 lost count) with a now cross-leased lane. Went more for speed on the singles. Rounded out a damp training day.

Wednesday Lunchtime : 6.90km / 32:42 / 4:43 min/km

Short lunchtime hill course. Recovery after the first hill (aka Jacob's ladder) is still average. It is quite a nice run (albeit it tough) though through a couple of inner city parks.

Jacob's ladder is just past Victoria Park. Here is an old post when I first found it. You aren't really supposed to run up it but if no is watching it's probably OK ;)

Thursday Morning : 14:86km / 1:13:22 / 4:55 min/km

For this I extended my run along the waterfront out a bit further following the 2nd half of the Auckland Marathon course. Basically went from the work building to the Mission Bay fountain and back again.

Photo from aaronsimonsen

There is another couple of 2kms out to the marathon turnaround point so at some point will push this run out to that point.

This is a good route not only for the brilliant harbour views as the sun comes up but also the lack of traffic lights or intersections.

My legs were feeling it a bit after Wednesday's hills so didn't push too hard. With enough training (4.5 months) this might be a realistic projected marathon pace. Easy to say now though.

Along the way I saw an elite runner being paced by a cyclist, whom I assumed was a training friend. He was absolutely caning it.

It rained a bit on the way back but again it wasn't cold so not a big deal.

Ramping up the training is keeping winter weight gains in check. 86.1kg this morning which is reasonable - hope this drops a bit as training progresses.

Long run and a swim session planned for this weekend.


Kate said...

Where exactly is Jacob's ladder?

Aaron said...

Basically just past Victoria Park there is a path to the side of the motorway on-ramp. Here is a map on an old post you can see where I have marked the hill climb. You aren't really supposed to run up it though.

For stairs there are some other good spots - Myers Park, Cornwall Park. The stair track at Waikowhai Park is the best (worst?) i've found yet though.

SUB6 said...

Curious question coming up ... how tall are you???