Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stating the Obvious

Mixing up my weekday runs a bit this week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I had good intentions of getting up early but had to settle for heading out at lunchtime.
Organising a lunchtime run is interesting. Given the need to change and shower (and the odd city centre intersection) the maximum amount of running time I can get away is about 35 minutes. So I've been developing a number of loop courses around 7-7.5km from work (ANZ building in city). I have read that horter runs during the week are a good balance to the longer slower stuff required to tackle a marathon.

I try and run these reasonably hard, but still being mindful I'm in building mode and my 34 year old body getting used to the idea of 40+km/week.

Tuesday - lunchtime - 6.9km

The Jacob's ladder, Western Park, Meyers Park and back. Recovery after the climbs is still not great but its slowly getting better. I knocked a total of 10s off my previous best on this route ;)

6.9km / 32:22 / 4:41min/km

Wednesday - lunchtime - 7.52km

Mapped out a new route this time. Took in the westhaven marina, past the harbour bridge, and up Curran Street (at the 4km ish mark) . Keeping a comfortable pace on the flat bits up to this point.

7.52km / 35:13 / 4:41min/km

Curran Street was a bit of a grind after yesterday but no issue with the calves. Worked on reducing stride length and keeping up the cadence (foot strike rate) - a good strategy for me on hills.

A fellow lunchtime runner passed me and commented "its better going this way!". Stating the obvious a little ;)

Rest of the run was down College Hill and then back into town. Bit blatted at the end.

Wednesday is fruit day at work and we get a couple of big boxes to help yourself. Quite nice and healthy after the run to have a couple of bananas, and other assorted healthy stuff.

Been a good boy this week and steered clear of the biscuit container.

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Bruce said...

I use to do your Wednesday run in reverse when I worked in the city. Once up College hill its all downhill and flat!.