Monday, June 29, 2009

A bit flat

Two runs at the back end of last week.

Friday - Lunchtime - 7.52km / 34:04 / 4:32 min/km. Loop along Westhaven, up Curran Street, and back down College Hill. Not a bad run overall but I got pretty hacked off with the intersections towards the end.

Saturday - Early Afternoon - 14.86km / 1:17:16 / 5:10 min/km. Originally I had intended this to a long run (i.e. something over 20) but for some reason I felt pretty flat from about the 4km mark. Not really into it so cut it short. The Waikowhai Park section was nice but after the stairs just wanted to have a sleep.

Didn't get to the pool last week so am going to make it a couple of times this week. Having a bit of a cold last week my eating wasn't that flash either.

Overall this week wasn't that good. Next week will be better!


Bruce said...

Some days are like that for no apparent reason. Hopefully you'll feel like thatlong run this week.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Just under 18 weeks to the Auckland marathon. Decided on a training program yet? Most of them are about 16-18 weeks long.