Monday, June 1, 2009

A 10km race and more swimming

Queen's Birthday weekend here in New Zealand - that means a holiday today (Monday). Not really her actual birthday but each country in the commonwealth has a turn. Can't complain really...

Anyway I had Run Auckland Race 4 on Sunday morning. This was a 10km race in the North Shore of Auckland and it is a hilly course in Milford. There was a short stretch along a coastal wall and a bit along the beach. Went into this quite apprehensively not wanting to aggrevate my left calf. As such I didn't really race it but it was more of a training run type pace - turns out the calf didn't complain in particular but both legs were getting quite tight at the end. Put that down to lack of condition on hills.

The weather had really threatened to pack in but it actually turned out very nice. Cold but sunny. Lots of people at the event and the first couple of km's quite congested. There are no road closures on these events so it's footpath space only or a few sneaky sections on the grass verge.

Results haven't come through but according to my watch it was something like 46:14. Update: Actually my official result was 46:45 - I'm pretty sure this was the gun time. While I ran this thing flat out last year in a time 3 minutes faster it absolutely stuffed me. This time round the run was much more controlled, felt comfortable throughout and could have kept running further at the end. Limited more with holding back on the legs rather than cardio so that is all good. In fact suspect it may have been a negative split. All in all a good run.

The ocean scenery was lovely as you can imagine from the course...

Today I hit the pools again and took Kate's advice on slow swimming being the key to build up endurance. Turns out it was good advice to take because it worked :)

Did 64 lengths of non-consecutive freestyle this time in sets of 4 (100m) with a couple of 6's (150m), and one set of 8 (200m). Still taking some time to get my form back but things are getting better. Did maybe 14 or so lengths of breaststroke in between sets.

Will aim to get along again later this week and see if I can build on this start. Who knows might be a regular thing?

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