Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Strokes

Made it to the pools yesterday for what was only my third swim of the year. The Mt Eden 25m one on Bellevue road. Only $4 for a casual admission which is nice and cheap.

I had a whole lane to myself! It was great.

I did 54 non-consecutive lengths of freestyle and around 13 lengths of breaststroke. The plan for every 4 lengths of freestyle to mix it up a bit with one of breaststroke. I ended up doing lengths in ones and twos with rest periods of around 10 seconds. It was hard work! Have stuff all swim endurance at present and struggle to do more than 50m in one go.

Just plodded along although at the end did one "sprint" length for 23:30.

In terms of cross-training it is good. I could get a workout and rest my legs. Lets see if I can make it a regular thing - the trick will be fitting it in at a time when the pools are quiet. My arms are a little sore now but thats all good - means I'm using them!


Kate said...

Swim endurance is all about slowing down. Of course you can swim more than 50m in one go- if you don't blat yourself in the first 25. Men and new swimmers always do it!

Aaron said...

I think you've got it in one. This is a lesson I'm still learning with running too :)

"must go slower"

Andrew(ajh) said...

It's great when you have a lane to yourself isn't it. That's a good number of laps considering you said you are just starting out again with the swimming.

Do you have hand paddles? Wearing them gives your arms a real good workout. I usually do 20 laps with hand paddles, 20 without, 20 with, 20 without.

I only do freestyle - cos I'm hopeless at anything else.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Another vote for the hand paddles. Definitely ups the difficulty.