Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's been a bit cold recently in Auckland. Winter is definitely here.

Thursday morning I set off from work on the 10km along Tamaki Drive.

10.4km / 47:40 / 4:35min/km

Quite a few other runners out wearing tights, mittens, hats and all sorts. It wasn't that cold. Mind you I got a few odd looks just wearing a pair of shorts and a running shirt. Great running along the waterfront (once you get past the red fence!) as the sun is coming up.

Yesterday went for a longer run at a slower pace.

13.68km / 1:05:44 / 4:47min/km.

Quite a good run - along the length of Mt Eden Road and back along Dominion.

The aim in the coming weeks is to start pushing that long run distance up gradually.

Andrew in answer to your question no haven't started marathon training in earnest or picked a plan. What I'm working on now is getting up to 40km a week baseline running without injury and getting my general fitness up. Picking up the swimming as well for cross-training.


Bruce said...

Good plan starting to build a good solid base.

Andrew is getting fit said...

It has been a trifle nippy indeed.