Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to Nature

Yesterday I went for a midday longish run of 16.4km leaving from home, through some of the nice leafy streets of Epsom, through Cornwall Park, up One Tree Hill, and then back home. Cornwall park is lovely to run in lots of trees and open space - really gets back to nature as opposed to pounding the streets in suburbia.

I intentionally kept an easy pace and while my legs felt a tired and a bit tight at the end came it was a good run. Recovering well considering I had done a 10km the day before.

It wasn't all peaches and cream though - the climb up One Tree Hill really kicked my butt. I'm out of sorts on the hill running. Old(ish) man shuffle running sort of stuff. Some stretching at the top and having a nice look at the view - out towards the city with Mt Eden to the left. Bit of a second wind on the descent and on the way home though.

16.43km / 1:24:29 / 5:07 min/km.

I have a couple of hours free now before I pick up my son from kindy (he's there on a half day) so time to hit the pools for some lane swimming. See how we go.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm pretty good at the old(ish) man shuffling!