Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run Auckland 3

After threatening to hail down the race morning was suprisingly nice and sunny. The rest of the weekend was quite awful so this was a good start.

The view from my car :)

Caught up with Andrew and his wife Sally before the race. Good to chat about the race and his first marathon coming up soon in Christchurch. Exciting stuff.

After the race I also caught up with an old friend Angie from hapkido days. She is now in training for Ironman which is pretty cool.

Quite a lot of people and the course itself was congested.

The run itself was OK for the first 7km or so and then my calf started to complain a bit. Not enough to stop but I had to slow up a lot for the last loop.

The first two laps I had intentionally run quite slow and easy - certainly aerobic running. Was quite suprised to clear the 5km mark in 22:02, mind you its a very flat course.

Finished up with 46:08 gun time. On the slow side but given I had gone into this managing an injury not too bad. Injury free I think could have threatened 42 or better - maybe next year?

To the guy in the green shirt that turned to wave to the crowd and collected an orange road cone in the crotch at the 4km mark: I didn't mean to comment "nice catch" on the way past. Good that it wasn't a serious accident but it *was* really funny.


Bruce said...

Not a bad effort considering you're not 100%. Sounds like you're managing it well.

SUB6 said...

That's an impressive time considering the problems you've been having. Hope the calf is still OK

Andrew is getting fit said...

Nice catch! I like it!