Friday, August 21, 2009


This week so far it feels like I have been going a bit on autopilot. That's good and bad - good that I'm fitting the runs into my day without too much thought/effort but bad going too quick on the shorter stuff. Running at lunchtime probably doesn't help as I'm always concious of getting back at my desk. Might have to shift the weekday stuff to early morning.

Week 8/Tuesday: Work to Harbour Bridge and Back : 7.30km / 33:37 / 4:35 min/km
Week 8/Wednesday: Local 13km : 13.19km / 1:07:58 / 5:09 min/km
Week 8/Thursday: Work to Harbour Bridge and Back : 7.30km / 32:30 / 4:25 min/km

Tuesday and Thursday were lunchtime runs in lovely conditions. Wednesday was a 5am start - this was quite good too with a suprising amount of bird noise through the leafier parts of the run.

This weekend have some an 8mile planned for Saturday and a 17 mile for Sunday. My marathon training plan sometimes has the Saturday runs at Projected Marathon Pace but this week isn't one of them. That means just time on the feet and not going to quick.

Have mapped out where I'm going to run on Sunday and it doesn't involve any volcano hill climbs. Planning on an early start and running through the sunrise - should be good!


Mike said...

Wish we had a few local volcanoes to climb :) Sound like you've got this marathon training sorted! What time are you targeting?

Bruce said...

I know trying to fit training into work time can be damn hard - then again so can the early starts after a while. Its gotta be done though I guess.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Gorgeous running weather in Auckland this week. I hope tomorrow morning is just like this morning!