Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Portion control is working quite well. Had a couple of minor blowouts during the week but those were only small indescretions.

What I have been trying to do as well is follow the "caveman" diet principle that ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes aludes to in his book 50/50. Its pretty simple really if a particular item of food was around back in the (caveman) day then that is OK to eat. Put another way wholefoods (fruit, lean meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds) instead of processed. Not suprisingly am feeling better for it too.

At a fundamental level weight loss is pretty simple - move more and eat less. Of course its easier said than done it really requires some discipline. Tracking the weight in a journal helps. Hopefully I can maintain this momentum through to my goal weight of about 79-80kg. Its a challenge during marathon training and a fine line to make sure I'm eating enough but not too much. I think the trick is to eat the same as pre-training but try to be a caveperson. Just don't eat like one at the table otherwise you'll get in trouble :)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Hmm...I think it's time I went caveman for a bit.

I found I lost the most weight when I cut out bread from my diet.

Kate said...

Very impressive! I'm struggling a bit at the moment...