Thursday, August 13, 2009

Better Portions

I weighed in this morning at 84.2kg which I'm pretty pleased about. For some context my BM weight (that's before marriage almost 11 years ago) was about 79kg. Don't let the hair fool you - I'm not all that old ;)

Between then and now I had got to 100kg due to a desk job and largely sendentary lifestyle. Part of the cue to take up running in the first place about 3 years ago.

I'm finding running on its own isn't shifting the last 6 or so kg. Sure I'm ramping up the km's in marathon training which is burning more calories. Countering that though is a higher fuel requirements and it is pretty easy to overeat after a long, or for that matter any, run. I guess there is a pretty fine balance to be had.

What I've been trying recently is to slightly cut down on portion sizes. For instance for lunch today have one sandwich where in the past would have had two. We are pretty good at home with healthy food choices. Not entirely a Spartan diet still allowing room for a glass of red every so often. Also treating sometimes foods literally and not as in 'sometime in the evening'.

Getting some progress happening as per the graph. I think come marathon time carrying around a little less weight is going to help.

Let's see how it goes.

On that happy note off for a lunchtime 7km run in an hour. The weather looks OK if a little overcast. I had a great 13k yesterday and I reckon this run should be just as good. The plan is to do this one at a comfortable pace so I plan to just run and chill out.


Kate said...

Haha! My word verification is FATyl. How fitting :)

Good work with portion control- have a nice run! I think I need a sometimes food reminder...

Mike said...

Fooled by the hair? What hair? haha ... same here! ... although I really am that old! dammit!!!

My word verification was BALDY ... just coincidence I think :)

Bruce said...

Similar story here , that is , BM weight around 85 , ballooned to just short of a hundy for same reasons, now back round 91 (not bad for not running in a year). Got a bit more hair though, only just by the looks.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Still happily under BM weight myself. Got quite a bit of leeway though!

Funny thing with physicsdiet is that when you consistently weight yourself you see more green!

Chris said...

Defo try and get into a routine with your eating - eat little, often.

But portion rationing is a great aid as well - for instance, I've switched to having Weetabix for cereal in the mornings. I find that two Weetabix is a much smaller portion than my normal full bowl of whatever takes my fancy on the morning.

Same with the sandwiches at lunch - I still have the two, but one at lunch (1.30 - 2pm) and the other around 5.30 - 6pm. I usually go running after 7pm, so it's a nice top up.