Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Cold Outside

Fitted in a couple of runs in my work trip down to Taupo. Running to a training plan is keeping me honest, in the "old days" I probably would have just bothered to fit in one.

Tuesday the plan (Week 6) called for a 3Mile run at "normal pace". I'm not sure what normal means anymore but I figured 5min/km was a good round number. The place I was staying at (Wairakei Resort) has quite a nice gym so the treadmill was an easy albeit it boring option.

5km / 25:03 / 5:01min/km

Actually the back end of the run was at a quicker clip to counter for the fact that the treadmill starts up slowly. I don't belong to a gym so took the opportunity to do a light workout afterwards. Was pretty good - note to myself to start using the dumbbells at home again.

13.03km /1:15:00 (estimated included a couple of stretching breaks) / 5:45min/km

The plan said 7miles for your midweek sorta long run. I ran this with work colleague N at 5:30am, easy and slower than my normal long run pace, and probably a tad quicker for her. Interesting running with someone else something I haven't done before on a training run. We could hold a conversation for the distance so definitely in the aerobic zone.

Colder than in Auckland I'd estimate it was about 3 degrees. For this I had two running shirts on and a sweater.

The run itself was quite nice along the lake front and back again. Always good to run in different places for a change in scenery. I found out later that this forms part of the Taupo HM course - at least the bit from the domain out along SH1.

Today I'm back in Auckland and will be doing a shorter run similar to Tuesday.