Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday : Weigh Ins, Wet Runs, and Work Fruit

Multi Topic today:


I've shifted my weekly weigh in to Wednesday morning away from the long runs of the weekend. Not sure if this improves the accuracy at all.

I don't expect this trend to last - my body is working out what is going on and the long runs are making me hungry. I've increased the portion sizes a bit but keeping with the healthy options.

Still going well so far!

Wet Run

Have been mulling over how to fit in my Wednesday "sorta-long" run in for a while. It has crept up to 14.4km and will max out af 16km in a few weeks. That's too far to tackle at lunchtime, and the very early start doesn't always appeal. So what I've decided, after some logistically planning involving changes of clothes, is to run home on Tuesday (short ~ 6.3km) and run in Wednesday morning on a longer route. Today I did a route through Cornwall Park and the Auckland Domain. It was good even though it did start to rain a bit on the second half. Still nothing to worry about when there is a nice hot shower to look forward to.

and here is the map:

Tuesday - 6.38km / 31:03 / 4:52 min/km (too many intersections and traffic though)
Wednesday - 14.9km / 1:13:55 / 4:57 min/km (lovely through Cornwall park - nice clean air)

I've got the PMP pace sorted in my head but shouldn't be running it in my weekday runs. My excuse today was song selection on the ipod. Stuff like "Eye of the Tiger" and "Highway to the Dangerzone" should ideally come up at the end of the playlist...

Today I definitely did the second half faster which is good. The plan did say this was something to try depending how you were feeling.

Andrew/Kate: those are some pretty ambitious times you are predicting. You sure have more confidence in my abilities than I do! As its marathon #1 and unchartered territory for me I am aiming to just get it done and not worry too much about the times. Have to say the plan I'm following is pretty hot on following PMP on the Saturday run - trying to teach your body the consistent pace you con do the whole thing on.

Get through the plan and day should take care of itself.

I note with interest the T-Shirt colours for the event have been announced (they change every year).

Racing Red - looks great!

Work Fruit

Wednesday at work is fruit day. We get two big boxes provided gratis and it is aimed as an initiative to make people eat healthier. Needless to say I get my 5+ a day on Wednesday. In general people here are in pretty good shape anyway. The guy next to me is a marathoner, there is an ironman three desks down etc. Quite fun to talk training around the water-cooler as such.

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Kate said...

I love the red! (I am still kicking myself over missing last year's pink!)

Good plan for working in the mid week run- those can be toughies.