Friday, August 14, 2009

Rest Days

I have a rest day today which is a good because after three mid weeks runs (6.9km, 13.2km, 7.3km) starting to feel a little sore. Yesterday was good by the way a nice little sojourn along westhaven drive to the harbour bridge and back. Lots of other runners about.

Read somewhere that the benefits of training manifest themselves during rest days rather than training itself. I'm not sure if that is muscular, cardio or other? Regardless I'm glad I have today off!

On my marathon training plan Friday is specified as a rest day and it makes sense. It splits the midweek shorter stuff with the weekend longer slower stuff. It is important to be a little flexible and take an extra rest day here or there if required. Haven't got to that point yet so am keeping my head above water regards the training.

My hair can grow longer but unfortunately not all at the same rate. Rather looking like a Donald Trump wannabe it's better to be consistent. Plus I'm sure its better to have a good aerodynamic profile :)


Andrew is getting fit said...

It's been great weather for running this week so far as well which helps!

Kate said...

Friday is a good day to rest on.

Phillip said...

You probably don't need me to tell you, but the reason you make imprpovements on rest days is because it's not training that makes you faster, it is recovery from training.

Also, a Friday rest day means you can go into your longer weekend workouts in a good headspace, and fresh, which is god.