Thursday, December 17, 2009


Above is the lockable bike area at work. Just quietly I'm pleased I don't have the slowest looking bike in the lot but there are some that look very flash.

There is also an overflow area outside with another 15 or so hangers. Been at a new job for about a month now. What I have noticed is they have got into encouraging people to bike. Not only the bike storage area with card access but also plenty of showers (with towels provided). I'm impressed really and its certainly better much better than I've seen at past jobs.

Up to week 3/day 1 of the hundred pushups challenge. It's getting tough...

Kate and Phil yep you are right the Domain isn't much of a trail run (but it's very handy for a lunchtime escape). I'll have to give Cascades a go during the holidays. Looks good :)


Phillip said...

That is some sweet work place cycling enabling.

Yeah, it will be sweet having the Domain right on your doorstep (and, for that matter, the good part of the bays is not far away).

Kate said...

Awesome! That kicks all of my workplaces' bike storages a$$es!

Brett said...

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