Saturday, December 12, 2009

Local - Week 2

My local hill climb run again to Mt Eden. I'm going to do this once a week to work on running strength. Not doing enough running at the moment which is a problem. However I'm lucky enough to work next to the Auckland Domain. Some lunchtime 30 minute runs around the forest walk tracks might be on the cards.

11.64km / 58:57 / 5:03 min/km.

Beat my last week's time by exactly 1:00. Hot and muggy today but that helped in terms of being limber. The view from the top is great and well worth the climb.

Here is the elevation chart. Starts climbing from the corner of Dominion and Grange, nothing too bad it's just long.

I was good afterwards and stretched out properly too.

This bloke does a good summary of the view from the top. It's as magic as it looks. I don't think he read the sign properly at the beginning though. ;)

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