Thursday, December 31, 2009

Action Packed

Fairly action packed day today.

- Got my bike gear cable fixed for $14 NZ. They even fixed it while I waited - about 20 minutes. Adventure Cycles is really a top rate local bike shop. Another good thing about cycling - costs are cheap and repair times are quick.

- Dusted off the weights this morning and did a proper home workout. My "gym" (aka corner of the garage) is a mess though.

- Later in the day we went for a walk to Big King (yet another Auckland volcano). I was impressed with my five year old son tearing up the hill and then blowing out near the top. Takes after his dad!

The excercise thing is not all pre midlife crisis. Also trying to be a good dad and setting the right example in being active. Hopefully it will rub off on Alex. It is all too easy for kids these days to get stuck in front on the TV. Here he is in full flight - mum can't catch up ;)

Fast for a five year old :)

- After we got back we made this great outmeal and carrot bread. Tasted great and was pretty healthy too. Healthy Food Guide magazine put have an excellent website, we regularly try things at random.

- One of my holiday jobs is to stain some our outdoor table and chairs. Spent a good hour scrubbing down the table. Actually was hard work in the arms but it has cleaned up quite well. Tomorrow will be putting on the first coat.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Setting that example is very important. Good on ya.

And I did the second coat on my outdoor furniture yesterday!