Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Local - Week 3

7am Saturday and time for the weekly run up Mt Eden. Pushed myself a bit harder today: 11.64km / 57:26 / 4:56min/km.

Tough but I felt reasonably strong on the ascent and breathing was more controlled than a couple of weeks ago. Running fitness coming back - gradually. The progression over the last few weeks on this route:

Week 1, 05 Dec = 59:57
Week 2, 12 Dec = 58:57
Week 3, 19 Dec = 57:26

For further improvement some new running music might help. "Chariots of fire" anyone ;)

Only managed 2 runs this week. Work has got really busy all of a sudden with some long hours but that is a pretty weak excuse. Just a matter of logistics - maybe bike to work earlier and then go for a run immediately after...

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Andrew(ajh) said...

That particular piece of music always makes me want to run in slow motion - that's the problem with it1!