Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Local

Every runner probably has a favourite local route. I certainly do. Mine is a run up Mt Eden, and around some of the surrounding streets. Mt Eden isn't all that tough it is more long than anything as it winds around the volcano to the top. Overall the route itself is a reasonable challenge. There are a bunch of smaller "hills" throughout.

The view from the top is great, it reminds me a little of the view from the Peak in Hong Kong but on a very smaller scale.

Photo by James Clay.

Saturday morning was nice and sunny so time to tackle the local. I haven't much running since the marathon - consequently felt too on the ascent. It was an awesome day to go for a run, if anything a little too warm.

11.64km / 59:57 / 5:09min/km

Finished a weeks worth of cycle commuting and have to say have thoroughly enjoyed it. It did rain something awful on Friday night but aside from that conditions have been good. I've been taking a small detour in the morning to make a 8.2km route but starting to feel like that is a bit on the short side. Might try detouring a little further, maybe through Cornwall park.

Weighed in this morning 85.4kg. Not great but not too bad either. Hopefully the cycling will help get that down a little. Basically I have been eating a little too much for the level of exercise I'm doing.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I ran up there this morning and it's a great little run isn't it?

I always love how the tourists look a bit shocked that someone would run up!